50 States Traveled Journal

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50 States Traveled

A journal to record your memories as you travel through each of the 50 states.

Some questions will ask simple things such as your date of arrival while others will ask for a deeper reflection of your journey. The questions are open for you to take them in any direction as you please. There are no rules.

The idea came about from our personal desire to record our own memories once we set our own personal goal to travel through each of the 50 states. The idea came from sitting with my (Taylor) sister before we parted our own ways at the Las Vegas airport. We sat there thinking about how since we live in different states, we needed to continue to make an effort to see one another so we set the goal to hit all 50 states together. On my flight home, my immediate thought was that it wasn't enough to travel them, but we needed to be able to record our memories. The second I got home, I told Tanner my idea and how I wanted to just make one to give to my sister for her birthday. This turned into the most involved and time consuming birthday gift we were to ever create. We figured if we were going to do it at all, it had to be right. We thought of all of the questions when we were on our summer road trip as we thought of what it was we wanted to remember from that trip, but also left some questions open ended. After posting it on our personal social media accounts, we had people requesting them left and right. This is when we thought hmmm...maybe we should add this to our product line. We began contacting people, all locally to help us manufacture them. We printed all of the covers and packages in house and got the inside pages printed and got the books bound locally. After just a month, 200 sold out and we realized, this product is here to stay. I have always thought that the best ideas were the ones that just came to you. This products proves to be just so.

It was important for us to make sure that these were all made locally and we are really proud to say that they are. The support thus far has been amazing and we are beyond appreciative for the great response to these.


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