San Francisco Recap

Posted by Taylor Palmie on

Our summer was full of long days in the shop working hard to keep up with production, orders and thinking of what's next. After months without a free weekend we felt it was only necessary to take a trip to San Francisco to visit with friends and family.
Square HQ
We had the privilege of touring the Square HQ. Square has always played a pivotal role in the way that we conduct our day to day business, so it was really fascinating to learn more about the way the operate and to take a closer look into their culture, history and values.
After a long day of walking, we stopped by Off The Grid for a fun filled night of cocktails and quality food.
After two days that wouldn't really be considered relaxing, we headed to the valley to hang out with some of the most encouraging and inspiring people in our lives, Taylor's grandparents. We were quickly greeted with fabulous food and margaritas as we sat poolside in our own bit of paradise.

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