Moore x Wildsam Collaboration

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As people that love to travel, we have been long time fans of the Wild Sam Field Guides. We have always been in awe of the design of the books themselves and have always really respected the fact that they use local artists to the regions that they highlight.

When the Denver, CO field guide was released, we were really excited because we were not only friends with the illustrator but there were so many familiar names and faces from our local community highlighted. Never did we think we'd be the ones to illustrate the next book set in Colorado.

When they approached us to have Tanner be the artist to illustrate the Colorado Rockies Pursuit series, there was nothing but pure excitement to hop on board. The immediate answer was yes.

After months of seeing this come to life, we are so excited to be able to release this set of work. From blank canvas to sketches, to finalizing to seeing it in actual book form, we're proud to say we were a part of bringing this to life. 

We loved the artwork in the book so much that we decided to launch a limited edition tee to celebrate the illustrations themselves. Once the tees sell through, they are gone for good.

When Tanner and I navigated New Zealand, we explored the entire country with a good old fashioned map. It was the best trip we've ever been on, making us big fans of good ol' fashioned guide by paper. Wild Sam embodies this level of nostalgia mixed with an up to date, modern way of navigating things to do in one of our favorite places: home.

The Book

The Tees

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