The Mountains & Trees Collection

Posted by Taylor Barkin on


We started this collection with the intention to create designs that were unique to the theme of mountains and trees. There is nothing more compelling to love the outdoors than both of these subjects. These objects are so simple, yet so inspiring.

Axe Tee
Out of all trusted tools used to survive the outdoors, an axe seems most suitable to help you adventure through the deepest of woods and the highest of peaks.
High Peak Tee
There is no other feeling like looking up to the distant mountaintops, dreaming of what it is like to experience the view from the top of that mighty peak and remembering the first time you trekked to the top.
The Trees Tee
There’s nothing else quite like taking the long stretching road, passing by the busy city, through grassy planes, up the winding road to immerse yourself in the trees.
Mighty Pine Tee
A cool breeze flows through the alpine and brushes the fresh snow off the branches of the layered pines. Each tree sways back and forth, but there is still just one mighty pine that stands up against every element and remains strong in its roots.

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