The Travelers Collection

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A year ago today we created our first prototype of 50 States Traveled with a simple goal in mind: Give people a way to record their memories and embrace their travels. Today, we have launched the Travelers Collection. We have spent the last few months crafting these products to cater to the same simple goal. 


Desert Cruiser

The desert night can hold limitless surprises. Below there is interaction of many creatures who only scurry in the dark as you sleep in the cool grey light. Above there is an interaction with the universe. Your vehicle sits silent as these events take place waiting for the next days desert cruising to begin.


Travel West

This map represents the American west. Once called the next frontier, the landscapes here are viewed as some of the most beautiful places in the world. Let this be your guide to travel west and discover the stories that are hidden here.



Born Traveler

Everyone is searching for their purpose in life. Why not pursue your dreams on the open road. There are those of us who were born to travel while living our busy lives. The born traveler is seeking new ways to see the world or even just finding a new place to visit a few hours away. 



On the Road Again

Every trip holds a different experience. You can take the same roads and see the same scenes and there can always be new stories to tell. What will happen next when you're on the road again?



Traveler Pennants

The three Pennants we designed are a collaboration with Oxford Pennant out of Buffalo, New York. They design and manufacture wool and cotton pennants that are inspire by American sports tradition. Check them out here  


Traveler Postcards

In a modern world of rapidly changing technology we often find ourselves forgetting to remember to use traditional forms of communication. We created these postcards to encourage sending handwritten notes just like what was done in the past. Think about receiving a letter and how that can then be passed down for generations. These are things that just can't be captured the same way digitally. These post cards help you to keep it simple and remember to write the one's you love from wherever you may be.



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