Huckleberry X Moore Print Workshop

Posted by Taylor Palmie on

As many of you know, we do all of our production in house. Over the years we have expanded our knowledge of screen printing and the art has become something that has become natural for us. We have become so immune to what we do that we often forget that people from the outside may not think about how our products are produced.

We have always had a passion for the art of our production and have always felt the desire to share that with the community. It's easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and to say you would like to do something but it's another thing to make it happen.

Over the past few months Huckleberry Roasters has become our favorite place to work to get our ideas flowing. It's interesting. As creatives, it can be really difficult to foster ideas in the wrong environment. Something about Huckleberry has continued to keep our creativity flowing. The coffee is amazing but what really matters to us is the fact that they have many of the same values we do. Their service is friendly, they encourage our work and provide us with a comfortable environment to work in.

After months of going to Huckleberry, we learned of their initiative to foster community involvement by hosting mini workshops free to people in the community. When they asked if we would be up to doing a print workshop we immediately said yes. As we grow, our time becomes slim but there are a few things that matter to us the most: personal relationships and growth through community.

Our co-founder and designer, Tanner teamed up to do a design specific to the workshop. It was our goal to give people the opportunity to learn the art but to also show our customers what it takes to produce the products they purchase from us.

We were really excited about the turnout and steady flow of people interested in learning about the craft behind our products!


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