9 Gifts For The Traveler On Your List

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We all have that one person in our lives who is constantly on the go. From country to country and even continent to continent, these world travelers seem to only come home in time for the holidays. Whether you have a family member or friend who's already on their greatest adventure, or know someone about to study abroad, we've created a list of nine items that the traveler on your holiday list are absolutely going to love:

1. Wanderwide Posters


These posters are perfect for the bucket list travelers in your life. Whether they are trying to visit every national pack, the top 40 mountains to ski in North America, or knocking off all 30 MLB Stadiums, Wanderwide Co has the poster for them!

Get it at Wanderwide Co starting at $59

2. Ursa Major's All-Star Travel-Kit 

Traveling is very tough on the body, especially now that airlines limit the size of liquid containers you can bring in a carry-on. Well, Ursa Major has a solution to that problem. Their All-Star Travel Kit is the perfect pack to help the traveler with limited space stay fresh and clean!

Get it at Ursa Major for $30

3. Our 50 States Traveled Journal

Journaling is such an important measure in the process of remembering some of our life's biggest moments. Taylor created this product originally as a gift for her sister, Dana. From there, the product has only been refined and has turned into our little gem. This journal is a great present to the traveler on your list that is starting up this daunting task!

Get it at Moore Collection for $30

4. Topo Designs' Klettersack

"The ideal travel companion that looks as stylish around campus as it does heading into a business meeting, hiking up the trail, or getting out of town." Topo Designs' Klettersack is the quintessential traveling backpack!

Get it at Topo Designs starting at $169

5. ENO's DoubleNest Hammock

ENO's Doublenest Hammock is a trusty, lightweight hammock, that packs small and tight, ready for travel. Matthew has had one of these amazing hammocks for just over 8 years. After years of constant use, it is in almost as good of condition as it was the day he bought it.

Get it at ENO for 69.95

6. Our Born Traveler Crewneck

Our Crewnecks are unbelievably soft. So much so, Scout truly can't get enough of them. Get your favorite traveler our awesome Born Traveler Crewneck to allow them to show off their cultured self while staying warm!
Get it at Moore Collection for $48

7. Wildsam's Box Set of Three Field Guides https://wildsam.com

It is always appealing to those who travel to experience the location they're in as if they are one of the locals. That becomes hard when traveling to places that you've never been, or know nobody who has. "Wildsam uses unrivaled local knowledge and soulful storytelling to reveal the marrow of the world's greatest places."

Get it from Wildsam for $60

8. It's Lingo's Playing Cards

With 54 different translation sets, from Spanish to Japanese, from Aussie Slang to Millenial Slang, It's Lingo's Playing Cards are international travelers must-have. Not only are they usable cards for all the card sharks out there, but they have the most common sayings in each language so you can learn how to communicate whilst having fun!
Get it at It's Lingo starting at $25

9. Welly's Quick Fix Kit

It is always better to be safe than sorry, but there are instances that we get hurt while traveling. Get Welly's Quick Fix Kit is the perfect on the go first aid kit. Being affordable, while delivering some of the best quality on the market, Welly's products are no brainer gifts.

Get it at Welly starting at $6.99

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