6 Gifts Under $50 That Won't Make You Look Cheap

Posted by Matthew Marks on

This is the perfect list for the new person on your gift buying list. The person you may not know so well, like the brother-in-law or the next-door neighbor, or someone that you should get someone a gift that isn't going to break the bank. So, for those people, here are 6 thoughtful gifts that aren't going to break the bank:

1. Winter Session’s Hanging Planter


From our neighbors down the road, Winter Session's awesome Hanging Planter is simple but classy. Made out of waxed canvas, it is naturally waterproof so there is no worry of any mess or spills in the home for the planter sized for standard terra cotta or plastic pots.

Get it at Winter Session for $34

2. Topo Design’s Camera Strap


We absolutely love Topo Design's and are honored to have just collabed with them on some amazing candles, but, oh boy, do they have a lot more top quality items. This camera strap is the perfect durable and lightweight gift for the aspiring photographer on your list. It will keep their camera safe while looking fashionable at the same time! 

Get it from Topo Design's for $29

3. Our Tea Towel 3 Pack


With the launch of our new home goods section, we released these tea towels that will bring the outdoors inside! Each design, and box, was hand-drawn and screen printed here in our Denver work shop!

Get it from Our Website for $38

4. Rocky Mountain Posters


Our buddies over at Rocky Mountain Posters put out incredible works of art. While these are perfect gifts for anybody, if you have that one person on your list that is obsessed with one specific place in Colorado, whether it is a 14er that they hiked, or a specific ski resort that they are stans for, Rocky Mountain Posters has the perfect home gift for them!

Get it from Rocky Mountain Posters starting from $30

5. Canned Good's Jewelry


Our friend, Thomas, at Canned Goods has been handcrafting these wonderful pieces of jewelry out of used tin food cans. He is incredible at what he does, whether it is earrings, bracelets, cufflinks or money clips, he has something for everyone! Find him at a local market, and he will be there, making his amazing products right in front of your face!

Get it from Canned Goods starting from $32

6. Our Pint Candles


Another way for you to help the person on your list bring the outdoors, in. Our Pint Candles are long-lasting, sustainable soy wax candles that smell absolutely unbelievable. After your person on your list burns through them, they can be repurposed as succulent planters!

Get it from Our Website for $26

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