Moore x Outer Range Brewery Collaboration

Posted by Taylor Barkin on

When we started Moore, it was kind of just a dream to have our art on a series of beer cans but never really thought about how realistic that might be. 

When Outer Range Brewing reached out to us in the middle of navigating COVID-19 as a small business where we were physically manufacturing masks for 15 hours a day, we didn't have much mental energy to execute a creative project but knew we wouldn't pass this opportunity up.

Tanner spent his over-overtime hours excitedly working with Outer Range to bring our designs to life on a series of 4 cans. The coolest part? They are the first "coloring book cans" meaning you can peel them off and color them while you enjoy your beer. 

We're super proud of this project, honored to be a part of it and grateful for the creative outlet in a time where day after day was full of defeating moments otherwise.

The best part? The day the beers got delivered we were wrapping up our mask production so we could stop and enjoy them with our team. 


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