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Tanner and I recently sat down with VoyageDenver to talk about our story, our business, and our view on how to find success. Keep scrolling to find an excerpt of the article below!

Hard work, hustle, and compassion is what success all comes down to.

We were never the kind of people in school that excelled with our grades. In fact, Tanner failed science class and the only reason we met was that he had to retake it. As we’ve gotten older and built a successful business, we’ve realized that being book smart is not at all the reason for our success. What has been, is our ability to work hard and put the time in to learn the things we don’t know and put the hours in to grow.

Success is overcoming challenges as they are thrown at you and persevering through times that aren’t easy-and those times will always exist. It’s never made sense to us to think that it will be an easy ride. It’s not about hoping that objections or failures won’t come. It’s about knowing that they will and be ready to face them head-on when they come at you. but also knowing it’s okay to cry or scream once in a while to get through it.

We are also trying to continuously innovate within our brand to keep our customers excited and engaged. It’s one thing to put out an initial run of shirts that people like but it’s a whole different animal to continuously create things that keep people engaged with our brand. When we started, it took us about 4 months to put out 4 shirt designs but as Tanner has grown as an artist and as we’ve put the effort in to know our customers, we can do that in about a week.

Lastly, it’s about embracing the community. What’s amazing about the maker community in Denver is that we are friends with our competition. We are all here to lift people up. It’s important to welcome anyone into our life and take the time to get to know them. From fellow business owners to customers it’s important to give them the time of day. Most of our growth has been from networking and word of mouth left and right. Have a good attitude, get to know people, give people the time of day and don’t ever think or act like you are better than someone. We truly believe that by believing these things and following them has been what’s made us not only grow our sales but grow as people as well and that’s what it’s all about.

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