Lantern Wood Screenprint
Lantern Wood Screenprint
Lantern Wood Screenprint
$ 30.00

$ 60.00

Lantern Wood Screenprint

Our Lantern Wood Screenprint is a limited edition screen print on wood that was measured, cut, sanded, printed and assembled by co-founder Tanner Barkin himself. It can easily hang on a wall or can stand alone on a shelf or any other even surface.

Only 10 prints on wood with this design exist. Once they sell out, they will never be made again. 

Wood color might vary slightly from piece to piece due to the natural material.

Dimensions: 12”x16”

Design inspiration:

We love red lanterns. We actually collect them. They’re nostalgic, it’s fun to watch them glow, they help you when it’s dark, and you take them camping. This design was a part of our first ever series, the Classic Adventure Collection.

Made by Moore:

This screen printing on wood was hand screen printed with care in our workshop in Denver, Colorado.