Wholesale FAQ

Q: How do I order your products?

A: Thanks for your interest in our products! We're super excited to see if we're a good fit. Please take a minute to fill out our wholesale application and we will be in touch shortly to let you know if we think we're a good fit for one another.

Q: I submitted my form, now what?

A: We'll shoot you an email with all the details you need to know. If we're a good fit then we will go ahead and get you a wholesale login.

Q: So how do I order?

A: Once we agree that we are a good fit to work together then we will send you instructions to create an account. From there, we will need to grant you access to our online system. Once you have access to our system then you will be able to order online at your leisure.

Q: What if things are out of stock?

A: No need to worry! Since we do all of our production in house, we can get items turned around within a week at most. You can always email us at info@moorecollection.com to get real time inventory updates or to send an order request for out of stock items.

Q: Do you sell on consignment? 

A: We rarely accept consignment shops but feel free to get in touch with us so that we can evaluate whether it would be a good fit for us or not.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Orders must be paid through our system prior to the order being shipped. We do offer NET30 pricing for shops that we have an excellent history with. 

Q: What's your turnaround time look like? 

A: Our online shop will reflect our current inventory. So, if an item is listed as in stock online then we will ship the order within two business days. If items are out of stock, get in touch with us and we will get them made for you. If we need to get products made then we are looking at about a week turnaround time.

Q: Do you have minimums? 

A: We have a $100 order minimum

Q: Do you accept returns? 

A: We will only replace or refund damaged items. If you feel like there is a problem with your order, we are always more than happy to make it right for you. Just let us know and we will let you know what we can do about it.

Q: What if there's another shop close to me that sells your products?

A: We try really hard to not oversaturate different areas. This will be up to our discretion because we value our retailers and do not wish to step on their toes.

Q: How are orders delivered? 

A: For Denver orders, you can either pick them up our shop, request a delivery or get them shipped. For all other orders, we will ship large packages via UPS and smaller packages via USPS.